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The Command: A Centurion's Story

A Centurion's Adventure
of Faith and Courage

The Command 

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The Command brings to life a man who served in one of the greatest armies on earth.

"As every great leader knows they are servants to a greater purpose," T.M. Thoms

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Faith builds a Future

Without faith or trust in the commander of your business or any leadership, a vision is impossible to follow. As you learn what it took to make a Centurion, you'll be learning what it takes to build a story! Join us and download chapter-by-chapter, week-by-week.

Through T.M. Thom's writing on a Centurion's experiences, training, and battles, she has created an exciting and interesting connection with historical events to get people to see why even the Bible quotes Jesus as being impressed with this one man's faith, because he trusted Jesus. Learn about why a leader, recognized another leader...

T.M. Thoms is proving that it doesn't matter your age, or how many resources at your fingertips... if you have passion, and the persistence you can write stories that matter.

Join us on a journey back into time, and at the same time learn what it takes to become an author, and what it takes to build faith to build a future. Order your chapter today!

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